Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Extra time!

We have been awarded some extra time! The crisis has been postponed, for while at least, until the powers that be and the powers behind them, reach an unreachable solution.

However, several observations can be made of today’s parliament session to elect a new president of the republic. First, the two third quorum was obviously not reached (only 76 MPs entered the parliament hall, while the quorum is 86) but the 14 march coalition was fully present and showed strong cohesion, but the real test will come in the last few days, if the 14 March coalition decided to elect a president by only an absolute majority (65 MPs).

Second, the crisis was postponed but not averted. And if the current internal and regional situation remain the same, an agreement will not be reached, and in the last days of the constitutional time frame, the 14 march coalition will elect a president with only a simple majority. However, the opposition will not accept him and probably form a parallel government and maybe another president. In short a division of the country…

Finally, until the next session (a month from now) let us fervently hope that no MPs will be assassinated, though I have a gut feeling that our wishes and hope will not come true…

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