Sunday, September 02, 2007


The Naher al Bared Palestinian refugee camp has finally fallen. After more than 150 dead from the army and three months of intense fighting the group of thugs and terrorists called Fateh AL Islam have been defeated by a handful of brave Lebanese soldiers.

For the first time since the infamous 1970 Cairo accord (in which the Lebanese state gave the PLO sovereignty of all refugee camps) the Lebanese state controls, once more, one of the Palestinian camps. Hopefully the rest of camps will follow soon, with less blood shed.

The consequences of this breakthroughs will take some time to surface, but at least i can draw some early conclusion: This was an exemplary campaign, concerning the civilian casualties. On the other side this campaign showed the urgent need for the rearming of the army, whose personnel showed extraordinary bravery and ingenuity...

So again Mabrouk and may the state spread its lawful control over all its territory!
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