Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nassrallah's new face

In the last world war, cities used to have many sirens to warned against any incoming airplanes. So each time the population heard the distinct sound of these sirens they would rush to their hiding places in fear…

Nowadays in Lebanon every time Hezbollah’s leader issue a speech, fear spreads among the Lebanese. Nassrallah speeches filled with anger and threats have become a dreaded event in the already tensed daily life in Lebanon, filled with bomb scares and never ending rumors….

Nassrallah brings nothing new to the table; he keeps on refusing compromises and solutions. He no longer accepts the third plus one of the council of ministers, and unequivocally refused the International Tribunal, claiming it was just a sham to legitimate the already decided upon sentences.

The best we can hope for now is to keep the current deadlock until the next presidential election in September, hoping beyond hope the country’s economic situation holds out that long. I will leave you to imagine the worst, as the anniversary of the start of the Lebanese war -the 13th of April- approaches…

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