Wednesday, February 14, 2007

14 February

Once more the Lebanese people show courage and resilience beyond measure. Whether you are with or against 14 March, you have to admire these Lebanese citizens who came, from all over the country with their families and friends, to mourn the death of a great man.
Explosions did not deter them; they took buses that could have exploded, like yesterday, and marched on to Rafik Hariri’s last resting place, to freedom square which is divided in two, a side for March 14 and another for March 8, just like our country.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day, and the crowd was very diverse, young and old, families and individuals, rich and poor, from all over Lebanon…

By now all parties should understand that each enjoys a large base of support, no one can forcefully change the delicate political balance, without plunging the country into an endless nightmare of violence.

No one can topple the government by coercion, and no one can confiscate Hezbollah weapons by force. The only way is out is through compromise, dialogue and reaching the middle ground…

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