Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A day from Hell

Update 1:

A dark cloud hangs over most cities, fights are breaking sporadically and most roads are closed. On the TV I hear the army is firing in the air to break up opposing factions, while NOT opening roads.

Anyways, I’m off to work, from Saida to Beirut. I am not going to let some burning tires stop from going to work, for it has become, as everything else in this country, a political statement!

Wish me luck!

Update 2:

Finally I arrived at Beirut!

two quick notes:

Nassrallah should learn the same lesson that Olmert did in the war. No bombs, no destruction, no protestors, no burning tires, no concrete blocks and sand mounds will close ALL the roads. We will always, always find a way out to go out, to go to work, to study, TO LIVE!!!

And today I realized that Nassrallah is just like Olmert, filling Beirut sky line with black smoke, destroying properties, terrorizing people, cutting roads…

I am so sad! What have they done to our country...
What a shame.

Update 3:

I am back in Saida. It was a very draining, both physically and emotionally, journey…

I have some picture from my phone; I will try to post them too, with a report of my daily commute that was not as routine as it used to be.

The news are bad at least two dead both from March 14, and countless injured, wiht no end in sight...


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