Monday, November 27, 2006

Tic toc

I feel as if I am in a movie theater watching a documentary of how my country fell into civil war. I see the images and hear the never ending speeches and the blaming, while in the background a ticking alarm clock can be heard.

There is one single topic on people’s mind: “what will tomorrow bring”. And the waiting is excruciating, I sometimes wishe for the worse to happen, just to end this agonizing wait…

People are already in a different mind set, yesterday we were planning an outing in Beirut when a friend of mine, half jokingly, asked if we would got stuck in Beirut or we would be able to come back (referring to the fact that Hezbollah supporters could close the highway between Saida and the capital Beirut at any moment) everybody nervously smiled and few chuckle were heard, but we were all seriously thinking about the possibility.

And two days earlier my sister skipped a wedding invitation, because she was afraid to leave her children in the house, because “in these days you never know what could happen, better to be safe than sorry.”

The hoarding of food stuff, fuel and basic commodities already started, people are excepting the worse. For many Lebanese hope is dead and we are already sliding without any doubt into a bottomless abyss, however I still feel that there is glimmer of hope still alive, but not for long…
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