Friday, October 13, 2006

The Chicken and the Egg

If one indulges in a surface overview of the current chaotic Lebanese political arena, he might conclude that there is two different factions locked in a fierce debate regarding a problem similar to the one called by some The Chicken and the Egg

Let me elaborate, the first party called by some 14th of March, anti-Syrian, pro American or even the pro Zionist party, believes that in order to establish a strong state in Lebanon Hezbollah must surrender its arms and devote itself exclusively to political activities.

While the second party, called the 8th of March, pro Syrian or the pro Iranian party, believes that Hezbollah must not surrender its weapons until a strong state is built, and Hezbollah must continue its military activities and its “defense” of Lebanon.

Unfortunately, I believe that this is only a masquerade. Lebanon is currently witnessing one of its recurrent “upheavals”, where the current power sharing balance is toppled and a new one is formed. And at the core of this struggle lies two divergent views of a crucial issue, Israel.
The first party believes that at the end of the line, Lebanon must live in peace with its southern neighbor, while the second believes that Lebanon should be forever at war with Israel until it is destroyed…