Thursday, September 28, 2006

My take on Brameretz report

Several points caught my attention, in the latest report of the UN International Investigation Commission in the assassination of Prime Minster Hariri:

1-There is an international dimension to the communication that took place or is related to the assassination and the bombing team (section 42)

2-The person who detonated the bomb is most certainly not of Lebanese origin (section 13)

3-There is certain individual had knowledge that an attempt against Rafik Hariri life’s was imminent(section 50)

4-The omission concluded that the bombing team either made a failed attempt at Hariri’s life or a rehearsal earlier on February. And this earlier activity allowed further investigative leads to become available beyond those offered by the attack of 14 February alone (section 23 and 24 of the report)

5-The quantity of explosive is close 1800 KG, almost two tons!! (section 19 and 20)

I wonder what will HA and Aoun say when Syria is directly accused of the crime by the international tribunal! Deny? Cast doubts?

Still I believe without a doubt that Bashar Assad’s and his Lebanese cronies were behind that crime!

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