Monday, September 18, 2006

Hezbollah defensive strategy!

Concerning Hezbollah presumed defensive strategy one must not forget that Hezbollah never said that its strategy was about stopping Israel’s land forces from invading Lebanon. For Nassrallah himself stated that Hezbollah cannot and is not interested in holding set geographical positions.

Hezbollah’s defensive strategy, according to Nassrallah, consists of a balance of terror, using the thousands of missiles as deterrent to stop Israel from ever again attacking Lebanon, and bombing its infrastructure and targeting civilians. (check the picture below, taken before the war)

That strategy failed utterly. This presumed balance of terror did not stop Israel from going on a 33 days bombing fest. Additionally, the results of this war -even the much vaunted losses inflicted to the IDF- will not protect Lebanon from any future aggressions, on the contrary, they have built the basis for the next war, especially if Hezbollah does not disarm.

In short, Hezbollah’s defensive strategy did not protect Lebanon from Israel's aggressions and would certainly fail to do so in the future...

And for those who like evidence this picture, taken before the war, is for you:

Translation: Our homes will not be destroyed
Our children will not be killed
Our people will not be displaced
Those days are over

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