Monday, May 02, 2005

An interesting book on Lebanon's history

With all the recent events I went back to my library to refresh my knowledge of Lebanon’s history. And believe me no book retells the historical background and explains why our country have been plagued by endless wars and conflict, better than Kamal Salibi’s "A House of many Mansions"

It is a very interesting and easy to read book. It is full of interesting insights and handles thorny issue with tact. Its title alone, “A House of many Mansions” explains the whole Lebanese quandary.

All in all, the book is very informative. It starts with the story of Lebanon from the WWI, when the Ottoman empire was crumbling, and recounts how Lebanon was created, and its early relation with its surrounding and the western world.

The most interesting parts in this book, is the explanations it gives about Lebanon’s problems. These explanations are so insightful, that for the most part they even shed light on today’s issues and offer a part of a solution. For example, the Author finds that one of Lebanon’s main problems is that the Lebanese have not yet agreed on which country they want: An Arab Lebanon or a fully Westernized Lebanon.

I recommend this book for all who are interested in Lebanon has been picked by the recent events and want to understand the historical background of the country.

Link for the book page on Amazon:
  • A House of many Mansions

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