Thursday, November 04, 2004

My courses

I thought that I will give a brief overview of the courses I am tacking this semester At the American University of Beirut (AUB). I am tacking three undergraduate courses in Political Studies, in preparation to begin my masters studies next year (I will still have to take two more undergraduate courses next semester) the courses are:

PSPA 201 Introduction to Political Science: It is a general introduction course that covers concepts such as power, authority, state, and so on. This course is quite interesting, and if it wasn’t at 9:00 in the morning it would have been more enjoyable. However the professor (Karim Makdisi) is interesting and all in all I feel I am learning a lot from him.

PSPA 203 Research Methodology: This course focus on research methods and theories. It a bit boring and the professor does no effort to lighten it up. However it is not a total waste, the strict methodology of research we are learning cannot but be helpful in any future project.

PSPA 210 Survey of Political Philosophy: This course is my favorite. It covers the great political thinkers from Plato to Marx. We discuss each thinker political theories, and compare him to the other. The professor (Shafik Masri) is really good and interesting, without being boring .

All in all my course are quiet informative and enjoyable, and most importantly I am learning a lot.

Link to AUB web site: WWW.AUB.EDU.LB

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